Friday, April 19, 2013


I don't like asking for help from others--I really hate feeling like I am imposing or making people feel obligated to help me out.  When my children come home with fundraising items to sell, I would rather buy the entire lot of whatever they are selling this year before asking my friends and family if they would like to buy a $2.00 chocolate or sponsor my child in their school dance-a-thon.
But on more occasions than I like,  I have had to swallow my pride and ask for help when I believe it is important, even something as simple as wearing a particular colour on awareness day--like today or hitting "share" on Facebook.

So when I wake up to a co-worker telling me that she and her daughter are wearing blue to support Alexa, when my friends and family start sending their blue and green pics, when my UCD family write in THEIR own blogs about Alexa to support a cause so very near and dear to my heart....
Well, when all those things happen, I am overcome with so much emotion that I can barely choke down and hide those tears that are dying to be let loose...usually while I am at work, I might add....So I do my best to choke them down and get through the day.

When I finally get myself alone in the car, my favourite CD's as loud as the volume will allow...that is when my mind starts to wander and all my thoughts are allowed to surface....that is when I can no longer hold the tears back.  That is when I am overcome with such pride at the AMAZING friends and family I have. That is when I feel overcome with pride at the wonderful girl that I have been blessed with--A little girl who inspires so much good in so many people.  That is when I realize(again) just how blessed we are!

I have friends who I have never "met"; they may not live in the same city or province as us; heck, they may not even live in the same country or continent as us....But sure enough, when Alexa is sick, they stay up waiting until the wee hours of the morning, refusing to sleep until I have posted that dreaded number!  If it is low enough, they can finally rest peacefully for whatever remains of the night....Can you imagine this from people you have never actually met in person?  There is a lot of GOOD out there!

There are days when I have nothing but anger at the circumstances we were forced into, but I have always been grateful for those that are beside us on this journey.  If we have to be here, then I am so glad that they are the group of friends and family that we are here with.

I really have no words to say how touched I am, how very grateful I am, that so many people care so deeply about my little girl.  That so many people worry about her when she is ill and celebrate her triumphs right along side her.
Somehow THANK YOU, just does not seem to cut it, but until I can do better than that, please know how very much it means to me.

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