Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Superstar Patient

Alexa is a superstar! Seriously!

We had our CT Scan this morning, and partly my fault for not asking, partly our team for not informing us, that the specific scan they requested, required a contrast dye to be traced.  So that meant that her ever so valued PICC line could not be used.  They had to insert an IV!

This is probably one of Alexa's biggest fears.  Nurses tend to have a very hard time trying to access and keep a good IV, so naturally Alexa is VERY apprehensive terrified.  She started crying the moment I told her that the nurses had to do an IV.  The nurses put the numbing cream on her in a couple of places(and it's a good thing they did this) and off we went to wait for the cream to take effect.
Then came time to try to access.  Alexa was so scared, but she tried so very hard to keep as still as possible even through her tears--she knows that if she starts panicking, chances are it will not work and they will need to pinch her again.  Let me tell you she did a great job.  She counted and took deep breaths and mommy held her tight so she would not have to look at it.  Through no fault of her own, the first stick did not work--they got it in and got a bit of blood flow but the vein bruised and therefore not usable.  It is so upsetting to have to tell my baby girl that it didn't work when she looks at me and says "but mommy, I stayed so still". YES! Yes you did princess, this was not your fault, your vein just did not cooperate.  We calmed her down and reassured her of how proud we were and how brave she was.
And off to try again in another location--this time it worked!!!  

We got into the CT room and prepared her of exactly what was going to happen.  Once she knew that there were no more needles and she was only going to have 4 pictures done, she was a happy little girl once again.

Alexa stayed very still for all the pictures--Apparently this shocked one of our metabolic doctors who we ran into while leaving the CT room.  She thought they would have had to put Alexa under anaesthesia.  Pffft--seriously?!? Have you not spent any time with this child?

 Mommy and Alexa sang and held each others hand as she went in the machine.

Only child I know who will keep a smile on her face as she goes through a CT machine

And for being such a great patient, she got to pick out a special surprise toy:

We will not have results for a couple of days--promise to update as soon as I hear!

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