Friday, November 1, 2013

Road Trip & Hallowe'en Fun

There are a couple of reasons I wanted to go on a road trip with Alexa:

With me going back to work very soon--YEP, you read that right.  As of Monday morning, I will once again be a working girl.  I could get into that more, but this is a happy post, so I am moving on! Since I am going back to work, I wanted to take our last couple of days together and spend as much quality time together as possible.
I think we accomplished that--two 9 hour drives in 4 days with a inquisitive 5 year old is more quality than anyone can ask for!


Alexa is done from all infusions!  YAY!!! We are no longer tied to the home with a nurse coming to visit us every day.  We no longer have to go to Sick Kids for 4 hour infusions of cytogam.  So this was our way of freeing ourselves.  Alexa did not have the greatest of summer.  Don't take me wrong, I know she recuperated much better and faster than any of us dreamed of. But to me, the summer is my favourite season.  I love going swimming, going to the beach, amusement parks, etc.  All of which, Alexa could not enjoy for obvious transplant related issues.  So this was my way of making it up to her. My  way of giving her a bit of her childhood summer back.

And finally, we took this opportunity to further celebrate hitting 3 months post transplant.  I am a big believer of celebrating everything. All the little things, all the big things. Some thing that others may take for granted--We celebrate.  See, we were never given any guarantees, so we celebrate all the moments that we are given!
I bought us a cake, decorated it and surprised Alexa with it when she came home from school.  We then went out on a mommy/daughter transplantiversary date.

Wait until you see what we have got planned for one year!

So back to our road trip.  We decided that we would go to Pennsylvania for the weekend.  We left early Friday morning and got to our hotel at about 3pm.  Got some late lunch and then hit up the Hershey World of Chocolate:


We took a ride into the making of chocolate and did some trick-or treating.

Made some smores.


Went on a trolley around Hershey Town.

And got lots of goodies.

The next day we went to the the Hershey Museum and Hershey Park, where we went on loads of rides.


On Sunday, we drove 2 hours east to Langhorne, where we went to Sesame Place.  We went on even more rides.  Alexa went on her first big girl rollercoaster.  We saw two live Elmo and friends shows and did even more trick-or-treating if you can believe it. 




One road trip! Hundreds of memories! We are already in planning mode for our next one!

And who could forget Hallowe'en!

Not even the poorest of weather could stop this little princess from getting her fair share of treats. 


                                        Hoping your Hallowe'en was as great as ours! 


  1. You are awesome! You did all of that for your girl-I just love the heck out of you!

    So I love Hershey but Sesame, worth it?

    Happy 3 months!

    1. Sesame was fun--the best part though was the live shows. Without it, I would say not worth the money. It is much much smaller than Hershey, not very many rides, especially with all the water ones not being in operation and kind of expensive in comparison to Hershey Park. Fun for a one time experience, but I don't think we will be back....Whereas Hershey....what can I say, see you in July?