Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Every day, there are two things that I wish for.....
The first is that we are one step closer to a finding a cure for citrullinemia.....
And if today cannot be that day, the second wish is that those clinging to life; waiting for their perfect organ, receive their call.  That today is THEIR day.....
The day when the desperation turns into hope!
But that won't happen unless we step up (a little more...)
Confession Time:  Prior to Alexa being born, I was not a registered donor.  Don't get me wrong; I have always thought organ donation was a positive thing and wanted nothing more than to donate my organs when I no longer needed them.  I even checked off the option when renewing my driver's license.  But that was not enough.  I never actually sat down and registered online.  It's not that I did not want to; I just never found the time to sit down and do it.
And then.....well you all know what happened next.  Life happened and threw me a curve ball...
I became a mother to a child with a serious medical condition and in doing so, I learned amongst many other things, to be a little less self-absorbed.
So I sat down and did it--registered online to donate my organs at
If you are a reader from United States, you can go to www.organdonor.gov/ to look up your state registry.
2 minutes is all it takes! TWO MINUTES!!
Seriously, all it takes is your health card and 2 minutes on a computer and you can save up to 8 lives! And enhance the lives of 75 more!  We don't think it is asking too much...do you?

The month of April is dedicated to raising awareness for organ and tissue donation.  Last year, you might recall that some of my family and friends wore green and blue to help raise awareness and encourage people to register consent to become organ donors. 
This year, we thought we would go a step further. 
I live in a wonderful community of very supportive neighbours.  Together we have gotten together to paint Cornell Blue&Green on April 11, 2014.  We have full support from our local schools (including Alexa's!!!) and we would love to have your support too!
It is super easy; all you have to do is send your kids to school wearing blue and green! Go to work wearing blue and green! Spread some awareness and encourage people to become organ donors! Upload your pictures to facebook, twitter, instagram...And everywhere else! Spread the word and get the message out there. 
This is our event page. If you wouldn't mind, please go the event page and JOIN it.  It is a public event, so please feel free to share. 
Bringing up the subject of organ donation with your family may be difficult. But do it now, do it when you can so that if there ever comes a time when you cannot, your wishes are known.

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