Saturday, December 13, 2014

Low Muscle Tone??

I know, I know...This is the second dance video of Alexa this week.  Yes! I am THAT mom!

But bare with me; It is the last week of classes before breaking for the Holidays so teachers were keen on showing parents a sneak peek of what the girls have been working on for the big recital in June.

Almost 6 months ago, Alexa had her 1 year post transplant check up.  Among many, many tests was a physio exam to quantify how her gross motor skills were in comparison to the pre-transplant numbers.

Happily, all gross motor skills were excellent--Right on track for her age!

However, the physiotherapist spoke to us a bit about Alexa's muscle tone.  It is quite low--I guess 5 years of extremely restricted quantities of protein will do that to your muscles.  It makes sense I guess.  Anyhow, the physiotherapist gave us some exercises to work on and was pleased that she would be enrolled in dance classes to strengthen up a bit.

Alexa started dancing 3 times a week in September.  For many of the students this is their second or third year there, so Alexa had a little catching up to do. She is a little behind on the moves and some of the skills.

But, boy! This girl tries so hard! And practices so much.  In September, she could barely do a "bridge" on her own.  Three months later and look at how long she holds that bridge:  (at the end of the video)

Low muscle tone!  Take that!

Every day this little girl of mine, gives me yet another reason to be so proud of her.

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