Thursday, July 18, 2013

In a couple of hours....

...our worlds will change completely...
....the love of my life and my love will go into operating rooms... baby's father will give her life for a second time

I thought about blogging late last night to update everyone, but then I thought that it was late and I would be better to try and rest up.  However, that was a pointless attempt--through the middle of the night IV start and final oral meds, through the very frequent vital sign checks, through the IV clicks, drips and alarms, and through the nightmares of high ammonia and impending infections, WELL...after all of that, there was VERY little sleep had last again, I thought I would update those who do not have facebook, but then i thought that everything I was trying so hard to contain would all come gushing out!  So again, I decided against blogging.

Yesterday was a pretty good day, all things considered.  We met with a TON, and I seriously mean a TON of doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, etc.  Alexa had some blood draws, her IV started and we spent the in between time statting her bravery bead necklace....A very cool initiative started by the women's auxillary. A different bead is assigned to every single procedure imaginable, and the children add to their necklace as they undergo procedures.  I imagine after all is said and done, Alexa's necklace will get quite long.  

What's the plan for today?  Well, Christian is already at Toronto General Hospital getting registered and checked-in.  Alexa already had her morning blood draw.
Christian will go into the operating room at around 8am.  His surgery should start around 9am.  After they get a look at his liver and give it the all clear(about 9:30 or 10am) Alexa will be brought down to the OR here at Hospital for Sick Children and they will start preping her for the surgery.  Christian's surgery will take about 6 hours.  I imagine he will be done around 2-3pm.  If all is a go, they will start on Alexa anywhere between 11-12.  She should be finishing up between 6-8pm.  

And that is paragraph to sum up the most frightening moments of our lives.  

If you wouldn't mind, we would appreciate all prayers, positive thought and well wishes....please keep my family in your thoughts today so that we are united once again happier and healthier than ever.  

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  1. She will be bless and stronger like a rock...!!! A lot of positivism thoughts and prayers are sending to all 3 of you...!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!