Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Packing Up....

After yesterdays all clear, I came home and had to finish packing Alexa's stuff.  I had started but thought that I might be jinxing myself so I only packed the easy stuff like pajamas until we got the go ahead.   

I got stuck on the "other stuff"--
What do I take to comfort a little girl whose world is about to be completely turned upside down--For a second time?  
What do I take to remind her off all her family and friends who love her so much?  
What do I take to remind her of her home, room, bed, all her stuffed animals, and toys that are waiting for her prompt return?
And what do I take to entertain her on those days when she has just about had enough of the medical world?  After all, there is only so much iPad and Disney DVD's a girl can stand.
And have it all fit in one suitcase--I know we are getting a private room and all, but it is not exactly a penthouse suite--Space is at a minimum!

This seemed like an almost daunting task--perhaps that is also why I held off on it for so long(that and my superstitions!). So, I consulted with the Transplant Child Life Specialist, who thought that I should ask Alexa what she would like and have her help in the packing process.....

This is what we came up with....

Alexa's B-Strong Bear was gifted to her by one of her teachers, Ms. G. It has a very special meaning to us and I am sure will give her strength when she is feeling down and courage when she is scared. 

Our "perfect liver" given to Alexa and Chris by one of our dear friends. 

An assortment of sticker and activity books given by Alexa's teachers and her aunt. They know her well and managed to find all her favourites.

Alexa's Ariel dress--cause there hasn't been even one day since she got it that she has not put it on. I am hoping that once she is feeling well enough to start moving, she will put this dress on and it will give her the motivation she needs to take that one extra step. She is the happiest when she is strutting her stuff in this princess dress.  

Her favourite bed time pals--Minnie Mouse, pink teddy, and her new favourite blanket. She sleeps with these every night and always brings them on every trip we go on.

Our Organ Awareness and Rare Disease Awareness collages that I sent to be made into posters. They are pictures of all her friends and family near and far who always support her. My hope is have these up in her room to remind her how loved she is. Seeing all those familiar faces is sure to bring lots of smiles. 

This beautiful rosary is so very special to us. It was given to Alexa by yet another one of her teachers. It was blessed a couple of years ago back him where Mrs. D grew up. We could not go to the hospital without it. I am so happy that I can have it in my hands while I pray for my little girl, my husband and all her doctors. 

So this is it.....all packed to go to our home away from home.  

Anything you can think of that I have missed?  I have one more day, let me know quick....


  1. My immediate thought is to pack a waterbottle and a travel mug for coffee/tea for yourself. It's so hot and dry at Sick Kids and TGH that I was ALWAYS thirsty.

  2. Thanks Cindy--that is a great idea---I didn't even think of that.....

  3. When packing up, it's a must to consider the most important things to carry so as not to bring a lot of stuff that would soon be found unnecessary. In this way, you will be saved from the troubles of packing and carrying a lot of things. And by the way, with all these loving and caring thoughts for Alexa, I'm sure she's going to love everything you bring and give her. How is she now?
    Clay @ World Packaging Inc.

    1. Hi Clay,
      Thanks for reading! Alexa is doing wonderfully liver-wise! She is a bit under the weather with a cough and cold but other than that she is a happy and healthy 5 year old!

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