Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm A Big Kid Now....

This month has been BUSY!!! Fun--but incredibly busy!  This is quite obvious by the lack of posts on this blog.

Another reason for the lack of posts is that health wise Alexa has been doing so wonderfully well.  She has a happy liver with pretty great liver enzyme numbers and she is on a nice, steady and relatively low immunosuppressant level.  Tomorrow will mark 11 months!!! What?!? Yes....ELEVEN months since Alexa and Christian went into that OR.  And although, it still feels like it was a lifetime ago, when I look back to that day, I still feel those same emotions as if it was this morning!  Looking forward, we have our one year check-up coming up which has a whole bunch of additional tests, all standard and precautionary tests.  None of them we expect to show us anything out of the ordinary but none the less,  if you would not mind keeping us in your thoughts on July 21, as always we would greatly appreciate it!

Now, onto the fun stuff.  I said we have had a busy month and I meant it.

May started off with a trip to Boston.  We spend the time with our UCD friends and had a blast.  We went on a Boston tour, did a whale watch and some shopping.  It was the perfect long weekend trip!

Shortly after returning from Boston, the classroom and school end of school preparations began.

First, we got a notice informing parents that SK kids would commence having morning recess with the rest of the big kids to prepare them for grade 1 this upcoming September!!! 
What?!?  You are going to release my baby into the wild with the rest of the world? 
Hold on!  Alexa  okay, okay, Mommy is not ready for this!
Like everything else, Alexa showed mommy that she is ready for this.  And out into the world with the big kids she went!

Then this happened:

Alexa lost her first tooth and got her first visit from the tooth fairy.  Goodbye perfect little teeth, make room for those adult ones please!

And we had a couple end of year celebrations:

We had Alexa's Spring concert in May.  "I CAN DO IT" was the theme!


Alexa had her last ballet class for the season and so she had a parents day showcase:


And today we finished off the end of year celebrations with  SK graduation celebrations!

There are not enough words to adequately give thanks to Alexa's wonderful teachers who have helped her so much along the year.  They have been tremendously supportive and she has thrived under their guidance.

This child could not make me more proud.  She shows me over and over again, just how brave, resilient, and strong she is.  I am thankful that the Lord blessed her with enough strength to face every obstacle that has been thrown her way and then some leftover for mommy! My strength truly does come from seeing her persevere through it all.

And finally we have officially begun the countdown to the big SIX!  There are just 3 more sleeps until Alexa's birthday!  

Yep--there you have it!  She really is a big kid now!

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