Friday, July 18, 2014

A Year Later

It is really hard to put into words what we, well what I was feeling a year ago today.  At this time, my wonderfully generous husband was just being taken to the OR and I was running back through the halls of two hospitals, to get back to Alexa's room and hand her off to her surgeons.  Apart from the day of her diagnosis, it was the worst moment of my life.  

But here we are a year later, and what a year it has been!

There are so many people to be thankful for--but first and foremost, none of this year would have been possible without Alexa's father, who selflessly put his health aside for his daughter, who unwaivered at all when we agreed that the wait for "the call" was over, who knew that he was the one meant to give Alexa life for the second time.  And because through it all, he always shrugged off any compliments and said, "I'm her father".  

Secondly, to Alexa's doctors (and nurses) who were given such wisdom and wonderfully delicate hands on this day a year ago.  Because they are the most compassionate people who truly wanted the very best for Alexa.  Because, they truly saw Alexa, a wonderful little girl who's UCD was affecting her more than anyone else could have realized.  Because they believed quality of life was worth the risk to take!  Because they work though my paranoias and PTSD-like symptoms without judgement.  And because they take care of not just Alexa, but our family!  

To all our friends and family, who have been there and offered their support throughout this year!  I am still stunned by the wonderful people who have been put into our lives, and I am grateful for each and everyone of them.

And finally, to my Alexa!  Because In her short years here, Alexa has shown us what is really important in life.  Alexa has taught me what love truly is.  And she is proof of what bravery, strength, and perseverence can overcome.  

I have always hated the cards that Alexa was handed in life, but here we all are a year later, with a newly dealt set of cards.  

Noone knows what the future holds for us, I don't have a inkling as to whether these cards will continue to be as great as they have been.  The statistics say that they most likely will not--that we are bound to have more bumps in our future than we had this year. 

So in the meantime, we are taking advantage of the good days!  In the first year post-transplant, Alexa has:
-taken a road trip to Hershey World and Sesame Place in Pennsylvania
-taken a cruise and snorkelled in the Bahamas
-visited friends and did a whale watch in Boston
-started and graduated kindergarten with a really impressive year
-started dance lessons
-attended summer camp (with mixed reviews!)

We are packing our days!  Filling them up with many exciting "firsts", but more importantly with lots of love and faith!  

Happy Transplantiversary Christian and Alexa!  May this be the first of many, many, many more!

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  1. Love and hugs to you all such an incredible inspiring and loving family!!