Sunday, June 23, 2013

And then she turned 5

It is always important for me to make the most of Alexa's birthdays.  As a parent, I want for her to have the best time imaginable.  I want her to enjoy every second of her day!(or weekend as it seems)  This year, for obvious reasons, it was even more important that her day be as special as can be.

Alexa was so excited from the moment she woke up.  She went to her dresser and picked out the princess dress that she bought with the grandmother the night before.  She was so surprised to see the house already decorated.

She had a wonderful day at school.  Since food options are no longer allowed, we bought some stamps and stickers for her to hand out to her classmates.  Her classmates sang to her and she blew out candles, making a wish.  Her teachers reported that it was such a fun time for all.  

I had said that Alexa has a certain  unexplained way of captivating people, and yesterday I saw just how true that was.   Her teachers--all 3 of them gave Alexa a special little present.  Each and every one of the   presents had a significant meaning to their relationship with Alexa.  One of them in particular was quite special as it was from her teacher who will be sharing her knowledge at another school next year. It became apparent to me just how very close the two of them have become and just how greatly she will be missed.  I am hoping we can have Alexa and and her special Ms. D keep in touch--I think Alexa would enjoy that.

I picked her up and she was so excited to get on with the rest of her birthday festivities.

Awhile ago, I asked Alexa what she preferred to do for her birthday.  She could pick a big party with all her family and friends or we could go to Niagara Falls and stay at a hotel with a themed indoor water park.  She chose the later.  She was very adamant--has not wavered at all and could not be more excited to go.  She has been talking about it for months.  She wanted to take her mommy, daddy, big brother Stefano and big cousin Giselle.  So that is what she got. (more about our weekend away on a future post)

However, on Thursday we did have a small celebration to get her to open her presents and blow out a cake.
Here are a couple of my favourite pictures of the night!

Princess Cake

She had been eyeing this dress for weeks

So much concentration!

I think she likes it!

Very excited about her new Ariel dress
She was showered with lots of attention, great presents and good food!  

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