Thursday, June 27, 2013

Birthday Festivities Continued....

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about Alexa's Birthday weekend away.  You see last year we went to Great Wold Lodge and Alexa loved it.  She wanted everything to be the same...EVERYTHING....same people, same place.
However, I had decided to change it up a bit and try Niagara Fallsview Indoor Waterpark, partly because we had seen it last year and thought it looked nice, and partly because we got a much better package than at GWL.  As the time got closer, and Alexa spoke about it more and more, I started worrying that I had made the wrong choice.    I needed this to be a great weekend for Alexa.  Her summer vacation will literally be cut down to about 2 1/2 weeks, so I want to jam pack those days with nothing but fun.   When she found out we were going to "the new place|, she was NOT thrilled.  Oh boy...

Well, turns out I was worried for nothing!  The water park not only met but exceeded our expectations.  We had an amazing, super, wonderful time.  It was all I could ask for and more!  

And someone I know was super excited once she saw the how great the park was!

I love watching Alexa experience something new and watching the joy on her face as she ran up and slid down the water slides for the first time was incredible.  So incredible, that I raced up and down with her as if I was 5 again--she is a lot faster than me and I tired out a lot quicker than she did!  I guess that really isn't surprising though!

We went on those slides A LOT!
 Determined to go down as many times as her little legs would take her up those stairs!

And we played in the wave pool a lot!  I have to say those waves are a lot stronger than I thought!
Loving on her big cousin!

What a great big brother!
 Daddy always makes sure these ones are having fun!

This trio was out cold on Saturday night!  Slept in till 9am on Sunday morning, which was a special treat for mommy and daddy!

Our package also included some non-water related activites.......

We saw Happy Feet and Adventures to the Mysterious Island in 4D
Got to try Bumper cars......

A bit of Mini-Put.....

Rode in  SWAT car trying to catch criminals.....Sorry--we were too busy shooting those criminals to take any photos!

And a ride in the Pink Panther Balloon overlooking Niagara!

We also walked along Clifton Hill to see all the wacky things and for some more photo ops!

It was a great weekend!  I really could not have asked for anything more!  And Alexa is already talking about next time she goes there!

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