Tuesday, June 4, 2013


So I had hinted earlier that I would have some news soon....There are just some things that should be said face to face (or at least over a phone conversation)....Now that we have spoken to our friends and family, I can share it with the online world!

As I mentioned, Christian had started the extensive set of testing to see if he could be a live donor for Alexa. He is almost finished up his testing and so far things look quite promising; so much so that the Living Donor Transplant team have already assigned us a tentative date for surgery.

We got to select from two dates:  June 20th---which is her birthday, so for obvious reasons we declined that date and selected July 18th.
We still remain on the transplant list for now, so if something else comes up in the meantime, we will of course be called through that route.
Should that not pan out and to be honest, after waiting a year and 3 months to get the call (and be able to accept it), I am not holding my breath.  We finally have a plan B and  if all goes according to plan, Alexa and Christian will  undergo surgery at two side by side hospitals on July 18.

We are (or at least I am) nervous, scared, excited and every other emotion under the sun.  There is a ton of stuff that I need to do to prepare and I am not quite sure where to start.....


  1. Hey Shanna! Wow, I didn't know you guys have been waiting so long! I guess the process is different in the Canada vs. the US?? Talk to Katie Frieder-Thomas, remember her husband donated to their daughter, she'll probably be able to give you some insight. As always, you guys are in my prayers!! -Sairah

    1. Thanks Sairah for the suggestion! I just may do that!
      The process recently got changed in Canada(i believe end of November) Up until then, metabolic patients did not score very high and due to their general health and stability, they were placed very low in the transplant list.
      I am not completely familiar with how the new point system works but I know that metabolic patients are given higher value and for each 90 day period that a patient is on the list, they gain points. But still with her being an O blood type, it has been a long and tiresome wait. It doesn't help that we had to turn one down when our turn finally came up.
      Thanks for your prayer--always welcomed!

  2. Your entire family is and will be by your side the entire time....especially me....we will support you guys in any way possible.....love u guys!

    1. Thanks mommy! I know you guys are always there for us!

  3. Shanna - so glad to hear that you have a plan B now, and one that actually has a date. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help - I think of you guys often! Heather